Séier Äntwert: Sans Papyrus Haus?

How do you get to Papyrus and sans house?


  1. The date/hangout with Papyrus occurs in his room.
  2. On the console versions, the Dog Shrine can be accessed by entering through the sink.
  3. If the protagonist gained no EXP by the time they reach the Last Corridor, Sans’s room can be unlocked, and it contains a key to his workshop.

How do you get into Sans room?

In order for you to get to his room you have to face his ‘Judgement’ then quit the game (don’t save),then load it back up and talk to him again. Keep doing this till you get the his key.

Did sans care for Papyrus?

Sans is apathetic to the events happening around him. He cares about people in his life like Papyrus, but he has given up trying to make the world better. Sans thinks about the human as a friend and demonstrates care to them from their first meeting to the fight against Asriel.

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What does the silver key in Sans room unlock?

The Silver Key is an object found in the dresser drawer of Sans’s room. It is used to unlock Sans’s workshop, located in the back side of his house.

How do you get mad Mew Mew?

The Difference Between Undertale’s Switch Version

  1. The Dog Shrine.
  2. Now going to The Dog Shrine will let you encounter Mad Mew Mew.
  3. Choose to ‘Act’ and ‘Touch’ her three times and she’ll challenge you to a battle.
  4. She will split your soul and you will need to move both sides to the relevant colours to dodge her attacks.

Is Flowey a Chara?

Flowey, upon assuming the protagonist is Chara. While traversing the Genocide Route, many characters comment on the protagonist’s creepy smile. Sans comments that it would be great if the protagonist continued pretending to be a human, and Asgore inquires what kind of monster the protagonist is.

Are Sans and Toriel together?

In the Pacifist Route, Sans and Toriel see each other for the first time. They recognize each other to be the ones they talked to before as they recognize each other’s voices. In the Exiled Queen ending, if Papyrus was killed, Sans and Toriel move in together. Sans cannot bear to tell Toriel what Frisk did.

What is Papyrus secret?

Halfway through the date/hangout with Papyrus, he changes into his “secret style”: a backward baseball cap, a t-shirt that reads “Cool Dude,” small shorts with buttons, gloves with striped trim, knee-high socks, and sneakers.

How do you befriend Dr Alphys?

Put the letter under the door of Alphys’s Lab and complete the “date” with her. Upon leaving the Garbage Dump (where befriending Alphys ends), Papyrus calls and tells the protagonist to meet Alphys at her lab.

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Why does Sans only have 1 hp?

Why does Sans have only 1hp? With so little known about Sans, it’s unknown why he only has 1HP storywise. In regards to the game’s code, his HP is not needed to calculate how much health he has left. In fact, the health bar isn’t even drawn because the code sets drawbar to 0, meaning false.

Is Sans good or evil?

sans the skeleton. Sans (/sænz/) is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in Snowdin Forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide Route.

Who does Sans have a crush on?

Sans and Undyne both have the interest of teasing others in the group, primarily Asgore due to his crush on Toriel.

Where can I find Gaster?

Gaster’s Followers are gray NPCs that are found near the elevators in Hotland when the fun variable is at a certain value. They all resemble certain NPCs in the game but with a few minor differences.

How do you unlock Mettaton’s house?

Mettaton’s House The house next to Napstablook’s house, which is unlocked using the Mystery Key. This key can be bought from Bratty and Catty for 600G.

What happens if you eat the snowman piece?

If the Snowman Piece is consumed or disposed of, the Snowman gives the protagonist a second one. In the Genocide Route, the protagonist can forcefully take three Snowman Pieces, effectively destroying the Snowman. Eating the Snowman Piece in front of the Snowman leaves them so horrified that they do not give a new one.

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