Fro: How Much Are The Hotels In Clare Island?

Is Clare Island worth visiting?

There’s plenty of things to do on Clare Island that make it well worth a day trip and, as you’ll see when you get down to the pubs section, well worth a stop-over. Below, you’ll find everything from walks and the Clare Island Lighthouse to a very unique heritage tour and more.

How do you get around Clare Island?

In summer, there are a number of ferry sailings from Roonagh Pier to Clare Island. The boat crossing takes about 25 minutes. In the winter, there are usually only two boats a day (morning and evening).

Who lives on Clare Island?

It is famous as the home of the 15th century pirate queen Gráinne O’Malley. The current population of the island is roughly 150. Clare Island is neighboured to the South-West by the Caher Island (uninhabited) and Inishturk (inhabited).

Can you drive on Clare Island?

The Clare Island Ferry is a passenger ferry only and it is not possible to bring your car! Car parking at Roonagh is free.

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How long does it take to cycle around Clare Island?

They are a very time efficient way of seeing the Island. The tour will take approximately 1.5 hours and takes you to the Grace O Malley Castle, Cistercian Abbey and Lighthouse. The tour guide gives you enough time to enjoy each location and take advantage of the photographic opportunities.

Can you swim on Clare Island?

Top 10 walks and hikes for experienced walkers Clare Island Beach is a rural, sandy beach, located off the coast of County Mayo and is accessible by a ferry from Roonagh Pier. Claire Island’s beach surrounds the main harbour and is an ideal spot for swimming and exploring the shoreline.

How long is the ferry from Roonagh to Clare Island?

The Pirate Queen & Clew Bay Queen that operate to Clare Island and Inisturk. The Very Likely can be chartered for small groups and Sea Sprinter travels from Roonagh pier to Clare Island in just 9 minutes

How do you get from Achill to Clare Island?

The Clare Island Ferry Company are running a ferry service between Cloughmore Pier on Achill Island to Clare Island departing on Wednesdays and Sundays. Visit the website below for daily crossing times from Roonagh Pier, Louisburgh. Booking essential.

Is there WIFI on Clare Island?

Is there broadband on the island? Yes, provided by Westnet, which serve the whole of Mayo. Clare Island was actually the first of the Irish offshore islands to have Broadband Internet access.

Where is Clare Island Ireland?

Beautiful Clare Island lies off the west coast of Ireland at at the entrance to Clew Bay.

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How long is Clare Island?

Clare Island is the largest island in Clew Bay. It comprises 4,053 acres, is 5 miles long and 3 miles wide. It is dominated by 2 hills, Croaghmore (1520 feet) and Glen Hill (729 feet).

Can you bring dogs to Clare Island?

We were delighted to hear from the lady who was at the ticket office of O’Malley Ferries on Roonah Pier that we could bring our 2 dogs with us (free!) on the 10 minute ferry journey to Clare Island. We had brought coffee and treats for ourselves and our dogs as we were unsure about dog-friendly cafes on the island.

Can you kayak to Clare Island?

Kayaking. The sheltered bay at Clare Island is the perfect place to safely explore kayaking.

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