FAQ: How To Prove Someones Been In Your House?

What to do if you think someone is watching your house?

Take action right away, call the police, change the locks for more reliable ones and think about installing an alarm. Keep in mind that if you return home and find robbers, don’t try to scare them off or to catch them yourself.

How do you check if a door has been opened?

Tape a piece of paper between the door and the frame inside. If, when you open it, you hear tearing, then the door has not been unlocked yet. If you do not hear tearing, it has been opened before. Try the same thing with: a coin, paper-clip, or string.

What attracts burglars to homes?

Doors and windows with vulnerable locks are a common access point for burglars. If loosening or bypassing them is simple, then it makes getting inside easy. Garage doors and pet doors are both open passages where burglars can get through quickly, too. Quick departure is another plus for burglars.

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What are burglars most afraid of?

Burglars are most likely to be put off breaking into homes by CCTV cameras and barking dogs, according to a panel of former criminals.

How can you tell if someone tried to pick a lock?

Even wood splinters on the ground can be an indication that someone tried to gain entry via brute force. Scratch marks around the keyhole: A sign that someone may have been trying to pick the lock is tiny scratch marks or abnormalities near the keyhole.

How can you tell if someone was in your room?

Place a small piece of paper in your door when you close it on your way out. When you get back, check to see if the paper is still there. If the paper is where you left it, nobody was in your room. If the paper is gone, someone was in your room.

How do I make sure no one opens my door?

Use a door wedge or door stopper. This works for doors that open inwardly. A door stopper is designed to keep the door open, but if it is placed behind the door, it serves as a barricade. Burglars will have a hard time opening the door.

Does leaving a light on at night deter burglars?

A study by the Office for National Statistics also found that 60% of burglaries take place during the day. More often than not, your constant night-time lights won’t make a difference to whether or not you’re burgled.

Where do burglars look first?

The first areas burglars look for valuables are master bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and offices. Burglars usually look first in places where people often keep or hide their valuables like drawers, dressers, closets, cupboards, safes, pots, pans, vases, refrigerators, and freezers.

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How do you scare burglars away?

8 Burglary Deterrents to Protect Yourself from Burglars

  1. Home security system. Do you know what most of these items have in common?
  2. Get a dog.
  3. Have your neighbors check on things while you’re away.
  4. Secure your windows.
  5. Motion lights.
  6. Smart locks.
  7. Doorbell camera.
  8. Put in a front gate.

Do burglars smash windows?

Unfortunately, there are no exact statistics about how often do burglars get into a house (or condo) by breaking the window. Experience shows, however, that in about 5-15 percent of the cases where criminals entered a house through a window, they did so by breaking the glass.

Does leaving a light on deter burglars?

Research shows that leaving your lights on at night might not be effective at deterring crime if there is no one around to see it. Outdoor lights make the burglars harder to hide, but the lightning will be useless if no one actually sees the suspicious activity.

Where do burglars look for valuables?

Aside from the master bedroom, the office or study is one of the first places burglars check for valuables. Like the living room, some people have the habit of displaying valuables in their study shelves or office. That well-earned diamond necklace can serve as a motivation for you to work harder.

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